Analytica Design s.r.o.

More than 10 years of experience in internet IT projects makes us experts in the field. We have created a number of projects from simple web sites to complex and demanding Internet applications. Our development team is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. As internet made market global we provide services to clients in all parts of the world especially to UK and USA customers.  

We started to provde internet services long time ago and since then we went through long jurney. We worked with many technologies including Flex and Flash, later we moved to mobile application developement using native Android and iOS technologies. As market is still demandign for cutting edge user experience we gained a lot of experience with Augmented and Virtual reality. Development of 3D content for mobile apps requires to use the best tools. The natural choise was Unity3D as leading engine in this field. As Unity3D is top quality gaming engine and it is enjoyable to work with we jumped on mobile games development as well.

We have experience with more computer vision libraries including Vuforia and Metaio as leaders in mobile device AR market.

Our other achievements

In 2007, we successfully completed project co-financed by European funds through Leonardo Da Vinci project that supports mobility and abroad working experience for young people. Our project was a result of successful cooperation of 3 companies. The need to educate our team members and strengthen relationships with customers forced us to think about cooperation directly at the location of clients in London. We started project called UK Vocational Steps aimed at training young programmers directly at the client side. The project was approved, including 7-of their 3-month internship with a total budget of € 30,000 for a period of one year. The project was successfully completed with great results.