Analytica Design s.r.o.

As our company was Established in 2004 we are very well established IT services supplier. Our services match private companies that are looking for development team of 3-5 developers. Our main offices are based in Bratislava, Slovakia. As we are always adapting to new trends we are working from many locations across Europe. As well market is more and more global we provide services to clients in all parts of the world especially to Europe and USA customers.  

We started to provide programming services long time ago and since then we went through long jurney. It's been always our best strenght to adapt to technolgogy needed to provide best service to our customers. We developed online applications, native mobile applications for Android and iOS, App for Virtual and Augmented reality. While currently we are coding mostly in Full stack web technologies like Angular, TypeScript, PHP, MySQL and desktop development in C, C++, .Net and MSSQL

In our company we believe in teamwork. This is why we always keep good relations in team and with customers. Makes our work enjoyable and productive.