Microsoft Hololens


Blue Sky

Anazing true augmented reaity device that can present any 3D content literally added to users environment


  • real time environement mapping
  • real time surface analysis to recognize walls, chairs, floor, ceiling, furniture etc.
  • modifying real world with digital content
  • humanoid holograms
  • recognising user guestures for controlling elements
  • voice command recognition  


Augmented reality mobile application Loptosi for customers of supermarket chain Billa


Blue Sky

Loptosi is an iOS and Android app that uses augmented reality to scan grocery products in store to hunt and collect animated characters. The app features automatically changing targets dataset based on calendar dates. Therefore new products are active and complex algorihm takes care of equalising chances to discover new characters among players. App gives bonuses for playing and filling up characters gallery. The app has implemented protection against cheating.


Tricklandia mobile application is using Augmented reality to put people inside real world size fairytale. Animated 3D models and videos are completing amazing surrounding on top of real scenery.

Powered Reality - an Augmented reality mobile application to bring amazing virtual experience to your customers


Blue Sky

Powered Reality can be used in many ways to promote your brand or extend your printed content with digital and bring more sales to your business. Here are most common use cases you can use our universal app for. Or just get an idea for your own app we can create for you. We can do literally anything you can imagine. Find out more on


Present your product in 3D directly on its packaging

  • EngageAmaze buyers by showing your products in great 3D exprerience
  • Let them to interact with your product. Change colour, rotate, show how it works.
  • Save money on POS or let the POS be even more attractive by makign it even more interactive with Augmented reality

Show your products directly at your customers home

  • Let customers to try your products comfortably at home
  • Let them to visualize it directly where they want to place it
  • Engage them with your brand by letting them to share the virtual experience with friends

Virtual content on prints

  • Bring your advertisement, leaflets, catalogues to life with digital content
  • Show your promotional videos to your customers
  • Bring customers to your website directly from print
  • Let customers order or book from their mobile


Mini Games

  • your customers with your brand by creating minigames
  • Let them to play game or interact drectly with your product.
  • Bring toys to live and enrich it with digital experience.


Talk to us for option how you can benefit with Powered reality application or to get your own AR app.


Bring Toys to Live using Augmented reality


Blue Sky

Now toys can come alive on mobile device using Augmented reality. Make them talk, dance, sing and interact with kids and they will just love them.

  • Digital live is part of every child nowadays. Classic toys will mean much more to them if they are part of digital world as well.
  • Interactions with toys in digital world greatly supports imagination
  • Now you can add more educative content to toys as well

Contact us to discuss how Augmented reality can benefit your Toys


Augmented reality for Entertainment


Blue Sky

Live Game Board

Is the first Augmented reality platform for playing variety of mobile AR games.

Live Game Board is a mat that can be put on table or floor. It is recognised by device camera and game is layed on top of it in your real enviroment.

You can find our more about Live Game Board project on

Live Game BoardLive Game Board children playing fight of the castle game

Games created by us for Live Game Board 

  • Monsters Multiplayer
  • Pizza defence
  • Astro Guys AR modification
  • Space shooter AR modification

Monsters multiplayerPizza defence AR gameAstro Dude AR gameSpace Shooter AR Game

Read more information about our AR games here

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