Software for events and entertainment

We create software to client requrements to achieve stunning experiences. Such apps can include several amazing features and can be deployed to several platforms to run in set up required by clients.

Software Features

  • Face detection / recognition
  • Augmented reality
  • Movement detection
  • Virtual reality
  • Green screen keying
  • Video playback
  • Video recording


  • Desktop applications Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Android phones and tablets
  • iOS phones and tablets
  • Windows 10 universal platform
  • Web based apps
  • XBox
  • Play station 

Pilot - Controller Game

Cooperative game where 2 players can see own screen. One acts as controller and must give correct guide to other player (pilot) to safely land airplane using joystick.


  • split screen. rendering 2 different graphics in same application
  • Joystick controlled airplane
  • 3 difficulties
  • Windows and Mac support


Green Screen Application

Entertainment application that combines live video feed from installed camera with fairy tail. Resulting video of children is recorded and sent to server to share and give away to visitors.


  • green screen keying
  • combined video in real time to present on TV
  • recording of combined video
  • ability to share result with visitors


Movie Star studio

Using face detection, real time camera picture morphing and masking techniques creates impressive real time studio for creating perfect Movie Star from user.


  • Real time face recognition and tracking in camera video
  • Adding effects to make funny faces
  • Adding masking items by user choice
  • Make a picture of your creation and share it on social channels.


Dancing for fun

Live camera video feed can be extended by virtual content of any kind. Whether it is prerendered video with characters or even 3D characters that respond to its surrounding in real time. Imagination is endless.


  • keying 3D contents inside camera video in real time
  • recording resuliting combined video
  • ability to share recording with visitors