Trafic information system for radio station Expres


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  • Fast and real time traffic information.

    Auto location, route following, real time route analysis rotate, tilt, automatic information overlays.

    Blue Sky Balloon
  • New events reporting.

    Easy and intuitive reporting of new event directly sent to administration system.

    Blue Sky Aeroplane
  • Route planning and push notifications.

    Plan your routes and get notified instantly about new events on them even without running the application.

    Blue Sky Kite Kite
  • real time traffic analysis system
  • users reportinag traffic incidents directly to back end administration system
  • real time traffic information drawn directly on the map
  • playing radio station traffic audio news
  • push notifications in case of new accidents on user routes



Blue Sky

Tricklandia mobile application is using Augmented reality to put people inside real world size fairytale. Animated 3D models and videos are completing amazing surrounding on top of real scenery.


Locavo, your local free public discussions


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  • Find out what is going on around you.

    Anywhere you are you can see what are people around up to.

    Blue Sky
  • Join the discussion.

    Ask people around anything you like or just join the discussion.

    Blue Sky Aeroplane
  • see discussions around you
  • send pictures and talk to people in your favourite locations
  • get notified about new posts
  • get know your community, make your community to know you

Tax calendar of economic magazine Trend


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  • calendar with events
  • variety of settings to get alerts of important dates
  • sponsor services information and ordering

Powered reality. An augmented reality digital experience


Blue Sky
  • give your customers new level of experience with your advertising
  • show of your products on its packaging
  • increase customer engagement with your brand
  • bring digital content to your printed catalogues
  • more at

And quite many other mobile apps