Virtual Reality - experience unlimited

With Virtual Reality you can provide limitless breathtaking experience to your customers. We develop for 

  • Oculus Mobile SDK
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Carboard / Daydream
  • HTC Vive
  • Carl Zeiss VR One
  • Playstation VR

Angels & Demigods

Anime art style story telling brought to VR


  • Immersive story telling movie like presentation
  • Interactive choice driven scenes
  • 2D ART presented in full 360 degree ilustrate environment 


Run Shine, exercise in VR

App that takes you to beautiful environment when you exercise on eliptical machine. 


  • Adapting to actual running speed for real feeling using device step sensor.
  • Beautiful nature environment
  • Recordign statistics of your running
  • Replaying your best running and having your best run running with you!
  • Ability to use external sensors to track cycling speed as well. 


Monster Multiplayer VR

Monsters multiplayer is real time third person shooter

  • real time multiplayer
  • free to join or closed online rooms
  • game elements like health wells, teleport portals, towers to capture.
  • transforming to supermonster after surviving long time
  • bots to play against while waiting for real players